Regency 'Poldark' Living comes to Camborne

A beautiful scene of Greek revival furnishings and candelabras has finally arrived back at Rosewarne House in Holman Park this Christmas.

Working hard over the last four years, Lesley Anne Price together with members of the family and team of craftsmen and women has been patiently restoring and rebuilding this early 1800’s mansion house.

The table – a set for Jane Austen and Mr Darcy or Ross and Demelza – was laid for twenty guests in the Orangery. The room is not entirely finished of course, nor is the rest of the house, but even still it is plain to see how amazing the six grand apartments will become and how considerable the conservation work has been.

Now having completed four of the Mediterranean courtyard cottages (that are also available for sale and will be contributing to the funding the Rosewarne House restoration), Holman Park is beginning to feel very luxurious. Any sceptics will now believe that this fairy tale has a happy ending.

“I would like to thank all those that have contributed to the renaissance of Rosewarne House and the six acres of grounds. It will soon show what Grade II* conservation really means. Town and County Council’s have been very supportive and heritage and conservation officers have all helped to make this possible. I am thrilled to see the house alive with light, laughter and warmth.”

If you would like to be a party to the Regency revival of Rosewarne House and would like to find out more about events or the new homes at Holman Park, please contact Lesley Anne at

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